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Corona shipping alert

Please note that mail is likely to take longer than normal, sometimes much longer.
That said, we have also had reports of ordinary and quite quick mail service.
Normally we take action if a package hasn´t reached you in 28 days, but this doesn´t apply during the current situation.
Please be patient, experience tells us that your package will eventually arrive.

Prices are in NOK and include everything except postage. Please beware that if you order from outside of Norway, you may have to pay local vat or other import taxes, depending on rules and regulations in your country. Postage is added after you have selected the item(s) you want to buy, but before you make the payment. All Rune Grammofon products are normally in stock, if not we will post a message with the product description. We will handle your order as soon as your payment has been confimed, normally the same day or the next working day. During Easter, summer and Christmas holidays service will probably be a bit slower. Please make sure that you fill in your complete delivery address with your order. We take no responsibility for items lost due to missing or incomplete information. US customers please remember to include your state (NY, CA, DC, etc).

Postage and lost items

Postage is automatically added during the ordering process and you will see the relevant amount for your territory before you pay. Postage is based on weight and size, meaning that different combinations of items in one order can lead to quite different postage variations. Please note that for practical reasons, the postage for items such as posters are included in the price and will not be added.

It´s very rare that packages goes missing, but if you are uncertain about your local postal service or would like us to send your order as registered, signed for and traceable mail, please contact us about this. The total postage for this alternative is NOK 400 and only applies for packages under 2 kg. The difference between this and the ordinary postage can be paid through Paypal.

Please note that we do not take responsibility for lost packages sent by ordinary mail to destinations that generally have a tradition for "lost" mail, f.eks. South America, parts of Italy, parts of France and parts of Eastern Europe.


We accept Visa and Mastercard. Payment is handled by Payex and is ”3d secure”, including ”Verified by Visa” and ”Mastercard Securecode”. The total amount of your purchase is drawn when we send the goods. There are no added fees. We receive no information about the card. Since we now offer secure card payment, we prefer that Norwegian customers will use this service. But for the time being we will still accept payment directly to our account from Norwegian customers who prefer this. If so, please send your order to rune@grappa.no and we will reply with the total amount and the relevant account information.

Returns and complaints

In the unlikely event that you receive an item with a production fault, please return it to us as soon as possible and within one week of receiving the item. Please include a precise description of the problem, preferably with photos if the fault is visual. We will replace faulty items at our expense, including return postage and new postage.

Please note that we can not guarantee that every item(s) we send out can survive the shipping in absolutely pristine condition. This is a risk one takes with mailorder. From years of experience both as seller and buyer, we do believe that our packaging is strong and protective enough, some of you might remember the cardboard envelopes used in the UK back in the days (and still by some even today!) that almost guaranteed warped sleeve corners.
We don´t have the capacity to remove shrinkwrap and take records out of their sleeves to prevent the records from "eating" their way out of the sleeve, especially not during big sendouts of new releases. If you ask in a nice way and during quieter periods, we will try to get it done, but again, no guarantees.

Finally, please note that if an item is damaged due to heavy damage on the package, you should first direct your complaint to the post office upon receiving it and not to us.

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