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RCD 2069 - Food: Molecular Gastronomy (CD)
PRICE: 129,00 NOK

Now down to the duo of Iain Ballamy and Thomas Strønen, Food looks to be more active than ever. This, their fifth album, was recorded by Jeremy Cox over a period of two years and mixed by Ashley Slater, who also contributes on three tracks. Maria Kannegaard plays Fender Rhodes on five tracks. Strønen, considered to be one of Norway´s most inventive drummers, was always an important writer in Food and it´s fair to say that a good amount of their earlier output was written as opposed to improvised. “Molecular Gastronomy”, however, is mostly improvised, much in the same way as the music of Strønen´s other duo Humcrush. Given the new set-up and a fresh approach, it´s also natural that Ballamy, without doubt one of the great British sax players of his generation, gets more room for his excellent playing. Finally, this is also a great sounding album!

Release: 12.11.07


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